Hi!: My name is Michelle Schaefer. I’m a vegan freelance writer whose work has been featured in VegNews, USA Today, Edible Indy, Main Street Vegan, and more. I’m also a staff writer at bUneke magazine. I hold a BA in Writing, a Master’s in Psychology, and am a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach & Educator (VLCE).

My website: Includes published articles and blogs about the psychology behind veganism and vegan resistance, body positivity, social and eco-justice, sexuality, vegan travel, feminism, and, of course, food. I am a brand ambassador for Daiya Foods and represented with VegNews at the Natural Products Expo West, 2019. 

Mission: Vegan world domination*, of course. In the meantime, I aim to write articles that inspire introspection and paradigm shifts through logic, honesty, and humor. I shine a light on vegan products and virtuous companies & organizations and enjoy spreading the joys of luscious vegan food with any curiositarian (yep, made that up) out there. 

Thank you for spending some of your valuable time with me on your journey!

Hire me:

  • Feature story about you, your product or company
  • Advertisement/Marketing/Promotion
  • Copy / Copywriting 
  • Representative / Ambassador for your vegan-friendly product/service
  • Speaking engagements
  • Educator/Instructor


* Thanks, Kristina Fox, for the catchphrase. 

  • A ‘curiositarian’ is someone who is curious to see what all the vegan fuss is about. Pronounce: kur-ee-aw-suh-TARE-ee-un


Note: As with any new food or exercise endeavor, it is your responsibility to discuss any changes you’re considering with your doctor.