10 Vegan Products to Please You and Your Pooch

From leashes to all-terrain boots to CBD-infused snacks, Fido will flip for these fabulous vegan dog products.

By: Michelle Schaefer

We love spreading the word about the latest vegan restaurant, pineapple leather accessory, and plant-based CBD gummy, sometimes we feel our favorite family members are left out of the fun: our dogs! Why can’t our canine companions enjoy these fun vegan eats and treats, too? Whether your dog is a vegan veteran or you’re still transitioning her or him to the plant side, your pooch will love these vegan-friendly products made just for them. 


  1. Canna-Pet Vegan Biscuits

Just like people, some dogs need a little help chilling out. Pet parents swear by these organic peanut butter and apple vegan biscuits, which are made with hemp-based CBD. Customers claim that these tasty treats have helped their sick, elderly, and/or nervous dogs tackle the stairs with confidence and sleep more soundly. Note: only the peanut butter and apple flavor is vegan. 

  1. V-DogBreath Bones

We love getting kisses … but we prefer a hint of minty freshness when our dog decides to give us a full-frontal smooch to the face. While known for its vegan dog food line, V-Dog also makes treats for all sizes of fur babies, so whether your four-legged friend is a dachshund or a saint bernard, you can treat him or her to a Breath Bone and keep the sloppy kisses coming! 

  1. Wild Earth treats

This sustainable pet food company attracted mainstream attention after a successful showing on the popular ABC investment reality show Shark Tank. While the business revs up production for its clean protein line, it is offering three flavors of dog treats to help fund the production. The treats are a complete protein for dogs and provide omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids along with a healthy strain of prebiotics. With flavors such as Peanut Butter, Strawberry Beet, and Banana and Cinnamon, we’re even tempted to try them! 

  1. Ruffwear boots

Dogs’ paws might be calloused, but they still need protection when you’re truly “ruffing” it. These cute yet functional vegan dog booties allow your pooch to go for hours on rocky terrain hikes or simply stroll through the city streets of downtown (no one wants to walk barefoot on city sidewalks). The boots come in an array of colors, sizes, and styles to match any turf from “everyday paw protection” to “winter traction and insulation.” 

  1. Eco Dogs and Cats West Paw Montana Nap Bed

You and your dog can sleep soundly knowing that she’s resting on a sustainably made bed. This comfy pad is made with vegan-friendly and recycled material offering a soft yet durable spot for your dog to snooze. Try as they may, there’s no ripping up this extra-strength fabric! 

  1. Karmapets Stress & Anxiety Calming Treats with Hemp Oil 

We know our dogs, and even the most chill pooches can get riled up during specific situations such as Halloween, the Fourth of July, and the dreaded trips to the vet office (even if we spell it out—”V-E-T”—they always know). Be proactive and give them a Karmapets treat. These snacks are made with a blend of relaxing valerian, chamomile, passion flower, and hemp oil to safely calm your dog’s nerves during stressful situations. 

  1. Halo Garden of Vegan wet and dry vegan dog food

After winning the 2018 VegNews Best Dog Food Award, we had to include this spectacular dog food brand. The nourishing non-GMO ingredients—such as chickpeas, fruits, and vegetables—provide all the nutrients your fur buddy needs to live a long, healthy life with a shiny coat to match! 

  1. Truth Belts The Duke Dog Leash



Let your pup strut her stuff with this patterned vegan leash. From floral to comic book designs, you’ll find a color to match both of your styles. Bonus: no matter how much she pulls, this leash is made to endure—no worries about snapping. 

  1. Pet Portraits by Lizzie Ochoa


We have so many pictures of our kids, spouse, friends, and even ourselves around our house, so why not feature our four-legged friends? Vegan artist Lizzie Ochoa’s pet portraits double as a cherished work of art. Simply send her your dog’s photo and choose a style, and she’ll work her magic to create a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece. 

  1. KONG chew toys


Kongs are the dog equivalent of putting a screaming toddler in front of their favorite 30-minute television program. Stuff that thing with peanut butter or carrots and they’ll be completely entertained for a good half-hour—at least—allowing you to get your yoga flow on or take an important call without distraction. Plus, Kongs are virtually indestructible, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up a plush toy massacre. 


Michelle Schaefer is a vegan writer and social-justice advocate who travels the world while based in the Midwest U.S.  


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