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June 2019 (p7) True Vegans Don’t Judge Others: Why The Bopo and Vegan Movements Need Each Other / (p11) Because Animals: Vegan Mouse Meat? Yes! / (p18) Stop Eating All the Water! / (p18) As Plant-Based As Possible As Often As Possible / (p20) Coconut Bliss

April 2019 (p18 of 27) A Prayer For Compassion: Interview with filmmaker Thomas Wade Jackson

March 2019 (p16 of 27) The Ultimate Disruptors: What it’s like to be disabled and vegan (Also available to read on Issue.com)

February 2019 (p15 of 27) Superman is Vegan; so is super man Dominick Thompson [Dom Thom and Veggie Chel on Insta]

January 2019 (p18 of 27) Christina Pirello of Christina Cooks! is back…to the cutting board!

November, 2018 (p5-6) Interview with Mercy for Animals

October, 2018, (p 20-21) Why successful people support charities

September, 2018 (p2) Thanks for voting for me; I won a free month of advertising!; (p15) Mothers and Daughters and Sons and Steaks

“Mothers and Daughters…” is also featured in Spirit of Change magazine, as well as in Main Street Vegan.