Attention, dog lovers! These 10 Vegan Dog Products are sure to please you and your pooch!

Christina Pirello is one of the most vibrant, unapologetic Philly girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She also happens to be a cancer survivor and super vegan. The former PBS cooking show host (Christina Cooks) now has a brand-new cookbook out, “Back to the Cutting Board.

Athlete, clothing designer, and peaceful warrior extraordinaire, Dominick Thompson, on Superman, toxic masculinity, and what it’s like to Eat What Elephants Eat. (bUneke interview by Michelle Schaefer) (VegNews interview by Michelle Schaefer) (Feb/March 2019)

Social media influencer, Jane Unchained correspondent, and animal rights activist Peace by Vegan interviews Veggie Chel (Michelle Schaefer) on why it’s a mistake to demonize slaughterhouse workers, who are often victims of financial and cultural oppression themselves. From the Prevent Year Zero climate change summit in Mesa, Arizona with Dr. Sailesh Rao (Oct 2018).

Veggie Chel (Michelle Schaefer), along with Dr. Benjamin Benulis and @steeviedeez.veganhero , speaking as guest panelists at Dr. Sailesh Rao’s Prevent Year Zero climate change summit in Mesa, Arizona (Oct 2018).