Vegan products are having a moment right now, so there’s always something new on the shelf (this list is not all-inclusive; it’s just to help you get started)! is a wealth of information, but it breaks things down by categories such as:  ‘Your First Three Weeks,’ ‘Cookbooks,’ and ‘Grocery List’ so it’s not too overwhelming.

Got more money than patience? Try Veestro’s vegan meal delivery service! Choose fully-prepared options like ‘Chef’s choice,’ ‘A la carte,’ or ‘Weight loss’ (1,200, 1,500, or 1,800 calories/day) from Veestro’s 100% vegan, organic, preservative-free menu.  

Main Street Vegan Blog for inspiration, resources, support, and one heck of a great podcast with Victoria Moran.

How to go vegan: tips from Vegan Lifestyle Coaches

Just want to know how to buy groceries? Here’s a downloadable shopping list for you!

Top Vegan Food Trends of 2020 by LiveKindly



Things you want to keep in the kitchen at all times: Protein, Carbs, Fat, Flavor, and Fun! The downloadable shopping list left out the ‘fun’ part, so I’m going to help you out:

Easy grocery finds that are accidentally vegan (mostly junk food…but hey, we gotta have some fun, right?)

Vegan fast food list; my article in USA Today on vegan drive-thrus

In Lafayette, Indiana? Read all of my Meatless Mondays articles from USA Today!

“Gardein” is a 100% vegan food line that makes burgers, fish sticks, crab cakes, wings, sliders, meatballs, chicken…you name it. Almost all Kroger stores carry at least some Gardein products; here is a ‘Where to Buy Gardein’ locator link for you. 


Beyond Meat, Gardein, Tofurky, and more! 


Grilled, fried, sammy, whatevs…you have plenty of options!

(Click on ‘chicken,’ above)


Ocean Hugger Foods

Gardein Crabless Cakes and Fishless Filets

(Click on ‘fish,’ above)



Mayo, Sour Cream, Cream Cheese, and more!

Just Foods


Kite Hill


(Click on ‘eggs,’ above)          


Can’t give up cheese? Me neither. Fortunately, we non-dairy folks have tangy, stringy options!

Miyoko’s Kitchen is my personal favorite. I am in love with her rich, smoky flavors and textures! [Lafayette, IN hack: available at Sunspot and Fresh Thyme.]  

Daiya is a popular brand. It’s more affordable and widely available than Miyokos. I love their pizzas and Mac & Cheese!

Follow Your Heart



How to transition: The Vegan Clubhouse shows you how!

Vegan Starter Kit: Everything! 

Vegan Nutrition Facts

The Sistah Vegan Project

The Invisible Vegan: Making veganism more visible in the black community

VegNews Magazine online

R&B singer Mya speaks out


Forks Over Knives

Happy Cow


Official Grey Music (Start with Vegan Thanksgiving. Beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes…)

MC Yogi

So many vegan artists


Cheap Lazy Vegan

Mic (pronounced “Mike”) the Vegan: incredibly smart and informed

Fat Gay Vegan

Ridiculously hilarious self-deprecating vegan and general know-it-all, JP

Post Punk Kitchen: vegan recipes, comin’ atcha from Brooklyn

Bite Size Vegan: Meet Your Milk–and your milk’s mother

Thug Kitchen: Delicious af

Chocolate Covered Katie


Dr. Melanie Joy speaks about the psychology of eating meat

Cowspiracy (15-minute version)

Change your life in 60 seconds: series

Game of Thrones star…and more! 

Mad Cowboy with Howard Lyman, former cattle rancher (see his book, below) 

Earthling Ed on human rights v. animal rights



What the Health?


From the Ground Up

Before the Flood with Leonardo DiCaprio

EARTHLINGS Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix. If you watch only one ‘vegan’ film, make it this one. (This link is free on YouTube.)


Main Street Vegan

Our Hen House

Party in my Plants


Main Street Vegan books by Victoria Moran

Meat is For Pussies by John Joseph

Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows by Dr. Melanie Joy

The World Peace Diet by Dr. Will Tuttle

Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman A former dairy farmer and cattle rancher transforms into a vegan advocate

Mind if I Order the Cheeseburger? by Sheri Colby What about abortion? Do vegans have oral sex? Dr. Colby takes every question seriously, and answers with grace and authority


BOSH! TV has so many easy-to-watch recipe videos, it had 1/2 a billion viewers its first year in production!

So many recipe blogs


Pure Plant Nation About $8/meal; heat & eat

Purple Carrot About $12/plate; meals prepared at home; offers high-protein, GL ‘Performance Meals’

16 Food Delivery Services from PETA


Forks over Knives ($399)

Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Course ($1,299.99)


~These PETA-approved home cleaning products will have your home sparkling in no time!

~Though not all of their products are vegan*, I still like Norwex’s non-toxic, antimicrobial microfiber cleaning cloths and dusting mitts.

*All Norwex products are vegan with the following exceptions, which contain beeswax: Marine Organics Body Lotion, Marine Organics Shower Gel, Timeless Lip Balm, Timeless Silk Organic Hand Cream, Marine Organics Day & Night Creams and the Leather Shine. The Fluff & Tumble Dryer Balls contain wool. Norwex does NOT do any animal testing.


Read all of my Meatless Mondays articles from USA Today! (Especially helpful if you’re local to Lafayette, IN.)

TGIF: Beyond Burger!

Nine Irish Brothers: Salads, sandwiches, Bailey’s Vegan…

Freshii: Bowls, salads…

Sunspot: Grocery

Smittybread: Bread, most of which is vegan…

Azzip Pizza: Pizza with vegan cheese, vegan sausage, and vegan pesto…

Core Life Eatery: Healthful bowls, salads, wraps…

6th Street Dive: Avocado tacos, tater-tots…

Legacy Pub: Impossible Burger, Gardein chick’n, separate vegetarian/vegan menu…

Town & Gown: Vegan plate…

Lafayette Brewing Company: Beyond Burger, jackfruit nachos…

Vienna Cafe: Coffee, tea, cupcakes, cakes, muffins…

Sharma’s Kitchen: Fine Indian dining

Digby’s: Vegan Reuben…

Thai Essence: Elegant Thai dining

Three Carrots (in Indy): Upscale, 100% vegan restaurant

EMT: The Emergency Munchie Truck: 100% vegetarian/vegan food truck


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